OSHA Safety Labeling

Safety labels help create an OSHA compliant workplace 


In an industrial facility many different workers may be performing maintenance tasks on varied system components as part of their job. Providing workers with accurate information helps improve job safety and efficiency, and OSHA compliance. An inexpensive yet effective method of helping facility workers properly operate and maintain industrial systems is to label system components with OSHA compliant labels and signs. Industrial labels are an effective method of communicating needed information clearly and effectively. Labels should include special hazard information and warnings where applicable. Labels should be easy to read and placed in easy to see locations. Labels should be made of durable, long lasting products, and should be in standard OSHA colors.

Proper OSHA labeling will increase safety and efficiency. OSHA Labels provide vital information that helps workers make correct decisions, increasing safety and efficiency. During an emergency, accurate OSHA labeling provides critical information regarding industrial systems in your facility. This information increases the ability of emergency responders to manage potential hazards or situations should they arise.

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OSHA Labeling Requirements (code)